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Buggy but good

Nice app! However quite buggy but these can be tolerated. Overall a very good app! Not easy to use (takes a bit of time to figure it all out).


Its really professional, and very easy at the same time. It is easy to publish and good for inspired authors

Hebrew and Arabic

Is the new version capable of processing Hebrew and Arabic that are written from right to left ?

Iphone needed

Good version but still we need to be able to read the book on iphone which is still not the case.

Custom fonts doesnt work! Dont download!

I was working on a book till yesterday just fine, now updating to 2.1 all the fonts doesnt work on iPad! Everything is fine on the mac, but sending to iPad replaces all fonts to a default sans-serif. I tried several things, all with NO success: - export the project instead of previewing directly - tried on iPad with iOS 6 and 7 - converted the fonts to TTF - tried several other fonts, OTF, TTF, all original - even tried to install the fonts as system font I have no clue what is the problem, maybe a hidden license protection, but thats no sense. Even system fonts like Apple Chancery doesnt work. I am on a OS Lion. Hope this gets fixed. Now the only solution is to find a older version to download.


Noch keine RTL (Right-To-Left) support!


Very nice! but… if this is ment for authors, it realy needs a biblography administrator (cites, references, foot notes, etc). It would be great if it can be used in combination with Mendeley.


Really great idea Apple! Installed the app and tested it - works very nice. Very similar to popular publishing programs with good templates. Encourages students, teachers and others with a topic interest to formally publish and share their works online. The PDF output is great. I suspect a good option may be to offer a formal book printing and binding service for those who prefer real books. I moved off print books to e-books 2 years ago and never looked back - ebooks/ibooks are the way forward. Thanks.

More than just publishing...

The potential of this application extends far beyond the classroom! As a hobby photographer/scrapbooker, I plan on creating a simple e-book montage of my daughter for my family members that live out of province.

Would be nice if it supported epub

If youve used iWork, youll feel at home quickly. Beautiful look and feel — classic Apple. I do wish that in addition to PDF export it supported EPUB exports. It would make this a much more versatile app.

thank you Apple

free and epic

A Nice Start

Several neat features, including seamless handling of numbered figures, iPad previewing, and glossary/index support. Perhaps more importantly, this app opens up all sorts of possibilities for learning content, putting teachers of any kind (including student-teachers) in control of a powerful system. At the same time, many things are missing, as may be expected from a 1.0 Apple product. For instance, tables are static (not even scalable), and there doesn’t seem to be support for mathematical equations. Embedded Keynote files open in a viewer, like a movie, but aren’t that closely integrated in the content. Embedded Pages files preserve some but not all content. Templates are fairly limited. Font size can only be controlled in portrait view. Annotations cannot be shared. And there isn’t that much support for the creation of the multimedia content to be embedded. Not to mention that many questions remain about licensing, for instance of existing Creative Commons content. Still, the app may give a jolt to self-publishing in learning contexts and it can help make learning content more engaging than traditional textbooks.

Love it...

… and its far more versatile that you think as even PDFs can be created using Print > Save as PDF. Wonderful iWork interface and you can import Pages and Word docs for content. Interesting , though, the pages are only 1024 x 768. Perhaps this will change with iPad3?

Doesnt create an ePub document.

It exports to a iPad only format, (ibook) not even viewable on iPod and iPhones, let alone an epub viewer on another platform. Im not counting pdf here.

This is Epic eBook authoring app!

Well, Apple, it is about time! It has been too long. But it is worth the waiting. Simply the best app. I definitely will make a couple of photography books for iBookstore market! Thank you, Apple Inc!

The Preview function is putting corrupt books in My Collection

As soon as it works I will give it a bunch of stars because I am thrilled to see a product like this. But it doesnt work with my iPad v1. Specifically, when I press the Preview button (which is supposed to put a readable version of my document on my iPad) my iPad ends up with a book icon in My Collection that is not openable, moveable, selectable, or deletable. Now my book collection is becoming corrupted by corrupt books. Do I have to reset my iPad to factory settings to fix this?

Couple Hours

After a couple hours Ive come to say that this is a decent and very simple thing to use. Although its limited on layouts and mobiles Overall its nice. They have some work

Beautiful but no love for the terms and conditions

To use it to create an ebook- You can ONLY sell it on iBooks- No where else. I dont like that.

It does math!

For those of us who use MathType: under the Insert Menu, theres "MathType Equation" - yippee! Pages and Keynote already had it, so its not unexpected, but yippee all the same!!

Great App, Terrible EULA

The application and it capabilities are great, but the EULA is not. You should read the EULA very carefully and will find you may not want to use the software either.

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